Each of our clients is unique, and we understand that every equipment financing solution needs to be tailored to match these unique needs — whether budgetary constraints are an issue or the type of equipment being financed requires special lease terms. In addition to offering specialists in every industry, we also provide a diverse range of lease types to ensure that we can create a custom package for any budget or situation.

Here are some of the lease types that we offer:

  • Finance Lease/Conditional Sale Agreement – Traditional fixed term equipment financing. At the end of the term, the equipment can be purchased for a nominal amount, such as $1.00.
  • True Lease
 – We assume the residual risk of equipment value and obsolescence, so the monthly payments are lower than a finance lease. Typically, payments are tax-deductible as a monthly operating expense.
  • Deferred Billing Lease 
– Lease payments do not begin until 30, 60, 90, or even 180 days after the lease commencement date. Often this allows for the installation of equipment or an IT system to be completed before the payments begin, even if the equipment supplier has already been paid by us.
  • Step Lease – Lease payments are scheduled to increase or decrease over time at predetermined periods to match anticipated changes in future revenues and cash flows.
  • Fee Per Use Contract 
– Payments are based on equipment usage, not the capitalized cost of equipment. Examples of fee-per-use contracts include: reagent rental programs (healthcare).

We take a creative approach to equipment leasing, allowing us to develop financing solutions that are as unique as our clients. Our flexibility in addition to the tremendous resources at our disposal make Byline the obvious choice for all of your equipment financing needs.